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Pa Toroki, Chop tong for heaven
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Pa Toroki, Chop tong for heaven

Pa Toroki, Chop tong for heaven
Pa Toroki, Chop tong for heaven Pa Toroki, Chop tong for heaven
Brand: Dr. E. Anyangwe Ngassa
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For any society for tok toli dong always be na some very important way for promote communication among all pippo dem. Tam wey man di tok toli man fit di hide hide message and advice dem for inside di toli for make sure sey man wey ih get ear make ih hear.

Tam wey di author be di grow for Africa ih be get some one golden chance for hear toli dem first hand. Grandmammy and grandpapa dem for house and even classmate dem for school dem all be di tok toli. Now for digital age man di try for find original African toli but man no di see’am. Na yi wey Prince Dr. Anyangwe Ngassa dong decide for start for write down original toli dem from yi contri Kamalloon for professional way. Ih pay extra attention sey make di toli get good illustration. For seka dis palava ih glad plenty sey ih succeed for engage ih own contriman self self, Tanka Fonta, for personally draw di different panting dem with yi own hand. Fonta na some very strong artist from Kamalloon and ih touch di painting for di book for some way wey ih fit catch di reader yi imagination tam no dey. Ih make’am so di reader fit for understand di toli wey Prince Dr. Anyangwe Ngassa write’am like sey man be di see di actor dem for ih front. Di African colour dem di shine for di book tam no dey. Die fine fine painting dem for di whole book dem go catch di reader yi attention plenty, na yi wey di book fine for pikin dem wey dem noba start go school and even di one dem wey dem sabi for read already too. Even big pippo dem too go really enjoy for read di toli, wey ih fine sootey number two no dey!

Di way wey Prince Dr. Anyangwe Ngassa touch di toli ih bad. Ih be na about Pa Toroki. Pa Toroki na big man for toroki dem and ih be get sense plenty. Bird dem too be get sense but dem no be trust toroki dem at all. So tam wey God invite all animal dem for some big chop tong for heaven, bird dem decide for hide di news from toroki dem. But as life dey, Pa Toroki kam hear di palava. Ih decide for waka too go heaven. Whether ih be succeed or not, make you find out you self self.

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